Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday Tunes.

Song of the week: Christina Perri- A Thousand Years.

This song is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics are so romantic and really stunning. I love it. I am a big fan of Christina Perri and her Lovestrong album is incredible. I just find her really different to any other female solo artist out there which is nice and I also love her style and tattoos too. I love rock and punk music but, sometimes I find it really nice to listen to some soft, mellow music too as it really makes you happy and feel good and Christina Perri's music does just that. She's an amazing song writer and Jar Of Hearts is obviously a brilliant song but, I also love Bang Bang Bang, Miles and Distance in particular on the Lovestrong album but, I have also fallen in love with A Thousand Years now and I hope you do too. Now all I need is the fairy-tale romance to go with this lovely song. Enjoy!
Thankyou for listening!
Love Courts x

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