Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Planetary (GO!).




T-shirt - Ebay
Leggings - New Look
Cardigan - Topshop
Brogues - Peacocks
Head scarf - Ebay
Satchel - Ebay
I love love love My Chemical Romance and I am absolutely beyond devastated that they have now broken up as they have been my favourite band ever since I was 10 years old when I turned on Kerrang to find the incredible I'm Not Okay (I Promise) video playing. I have also been in love with Frank Iero ever since seeing him jump out of that locker in that exact same video and when he said those two words 'Trust me' in his sexy American accent I was certain he was the man I would one day marry. (Yeah, I know, you're apparently very optimistic when you're ten :/.) I just feel really sad now that they are no longer together and I was completely shocked as well as I'm sure I read in Kerrang magazine that they were working on a new album.  I was absolutely obsessed with them from the ages of 12 to 16 especially and they were all I ever listened to all day long. I had posters everywhere, my My Chem t-shirt on constantly and I still truly believed I would marry Frank Iero despite the 12 year age gap. God knows what I would have done if they had broken up then; balled my eyes out definitely.
It still really upsets me now though as they are so unique and there is no other band like them. They’ve never had a song I didn’t like and Gerard Way is just a complete genius and absolutely adorable when he bops around the stage. My favourite song by My Chem is Summertime but, I pretty much adore every other song they have ever written, including Planetary (GO!) from the Danger Days album. It's such a cool and different song and really up-beat and fun. I loved the whole Danger Days album and thought it was really quirky and different and I just wish there were more albums to come but, they’ve given me four 'fucking awesome' (as Gerard would say) albums to get me by and so thankyou My Chem for being so incredible and maybe one day they will get back together and I will make sure I'm first in line to see them.
Yesterday I popped on my My Chem Killjoys t-shirt which, I love. I love the retro, comic style and it's really bright and fun to just throw on with some leggings. I got it in a Men's large as that's the only size that was left but, luckily I don't think it looks too ridiculously big on me. I  was worried it would look a bit like a nightie but, I just think it's nice and oversized and comfy. The t-shirt reminds me a bit of the Iron Man t-shirt currently being sold in Topshop with its bright colours and comic book style and I would really like that t-shirt too as I just love throwing on a cool, statement t-shirt with some jeans or leggings. Casual days are the best. I also popped on my old Pink knit cardigan from Topshop and my brogues to add a more girly edge to the outfit and finally I put my hair up and tied my red polka dot head scarf around it to again add a more pretty, girly element to the outfit. I rarely wear head scarfs or head bands as I always struggle to make them look right but, as my hair looked like a lion mane yesterday I thought it best to try and tame it by tying it up and then I wrapped the head scarf around it as I thought the red went well with the red MCR lettering on my t-shirt and I quite like how it turned out. A slight rockabilly, retro, 50s vibe.
It's still absolutely freezing but, it's lovely that the sun has finally come out so, I feel like I should get outside and go and enjoy it while, it's here. The last few days have been lovely as my Auntie, her partner and my cousins Alfie and Hugo are down so, we've been to the beach a couple of times (still heavily wrapped up in layers and layers of clothes ofcourse) and had a yummy Toffee and Hazlenut Roskilly's ice cream and a really good Hot Chocolate with a cream and a flake at Kynance. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the park which, I think I enjoyed more than the boys. The zip wire is so fun! I also spent the afternoon bouncing on the trampoline with my nephew Charlie and then I helped him draw chalk pictures on the pavement in the garden. Kids have all the fun! Anyway, I will leave you now to enjoy the sun and I hope you have a lovely day! Enjoy Planetary (GO!)!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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