Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Just A Little Note To Say...

Hello again :). Well, again I'm not doing too well at this whole blogging malarkey but, I am still determined to keep blogging and improving what I post as I really enjoy it. Hopefully I can gain a few more followers along the way too as it would be lovely to see people enjoying what I write but, if that's not to be then never mind and I'll still keep at it anyway ^_^.

My style seems to change every few months now and I've had many different and very very regrettable styles over the years. There were my cute, girly pre-teen days which were spent in skirts, cringey, glittery slogan t-shirts, patterned tights and fluffy boots and then my surfer twelve year old self lived in boardies, hoodys and skate shoes, shortly followed by bright orange crocs (it was never the best combination :/ but, we'll blame this style on growing up in Cornwall). Turning thirteen brought with it my emo, scene kid phase of living in brightly coloured skinny jeans, babycham trainers and blue banana hoodys and now I find myself with a whole bundle of different things in my wardrobe which, don't really belong to one particular style. If only I'd found the style I have now five years ago, I'd have so much more to wear and I definitely know it would all still fit as I literally haven't grown since I was 11, that I am sure of. I tend to be drawn to vintage, retro and grungy pieces more than anything and I dress in whatever way I am feeling on the day. I have always loved fashion and I am trying to currently make each outfit I wear more refined and complete so, that everything goes together well and doesn't look too mismatched. I've also been experimenting more with my hair and make-up recently and so, I'd really like to do some more outfit posts soon with better quality pictures to show my outfits more clearly.

I am moving to Liverpool in September to study Home Economics too at Liverpool John Moores Uni which, I am currently very scared, nervous and excited about. I went to hear about the course last Wednesday and it actually sounds amazing which is great, the Uni looks lovely too and Liverpool looks incredible. I'm a huge Liverpool fan too which, makes moving there that much more exciting and the prospect of bumping into one of the players while I'm there brings a big smile to my face; not that I'd ever be brave enough to go speak to them let alone get a picture or autograph from them. As I'm going to be cooking lots on my course I'd really like to get a lot of practise in while I'm at home too so, hopefully they'll be some yummy recipes to come as well.

Today I was mainly posting to share my latest purchases which, make up my first buys in quite a while and probably my last buys as well for quite a while as Uni calls for an unemployed person who desperately needs to keep every penny she has now. Still, that didn't quite stop me making one last splurge (and quite a hefty splurge at that :/) despite Mum and Dad's best efforts :P.

As always there were some ebay purchases including this Retro Batman Raglan tee originally from Primark. As I live no way near Primark I had to bite the bullet and pay an extra £6 to get it to me but, I do think it's very simple and quirky and I love baseball style tops and didn't yet own one so, I'll keep telling myself it was worth it :P. I also got some Black Vans Authentic to add to my large collection. I currently have 6 pairs of vans now so, perhaps they were a bit unnecessary but, I do love my vans and I know I'll wear them all the time as I love the classiness of the all black pair and I think they'll go with pretty much everything. Next, I bought this pretty vintage style floral blouse by Cath Kidston for about £14 in all which, I think is actually really good value considering the price Cath Kidston items normally retail for. It hasn't yet arrived yet though so, I really hope it's as pretty and girly as I thought it would be in person as I think it will look lovely under a pair of dungarees or tucked into a skirt or some vintage Levi shorts in the summer. I usually adore everything Cath Kidston so fingers crossed I should be alright.

Then I went a bit mad on the Topshop website yesterday and after trying to figure out which items I wanted the most for about an hour; that's if I could begin to justify buying any of them, I rather foolishly but, now very excitably added them all to my basket and ordered all of them. My paypal's being odd at the moment though so I do hope my order goes through. I guess I could say that if it goes wrong then that's a sign that I'm not meant to order all of them but... I do hope my very expensive order is still on it's way to me. I decided to order this cute, vintage Paisley Print Dungaree Playsuit as I'm trying to be a bit more girly as I feel like I live in leggings, t-shirts and jumpers at the moment. I also love the 90s dungaree trend at the moment and dressing like I did when I was 4 again sounds like fun. I ordered this pretty Lace Cream Crop Top to go underneath it as I thought it was nice and simple and would work well with it. Then I also decided to order the Motel Blue Demi Paisley dungarees as I fell in love with them the first time I saw them and I also featured them in my Passion for Fashion entry a couple of weeks ago too in a dream outfit so I figure it's meant to be. They are so cute but, there was only a size 12 left so I do hope they fit. Finally, I ordered this simple fitted Black crop top to go underneath which, again I think will work great with the dungarees. What do you think of my purchases? Spending that much money in two days, have I gone insane?

Anyway, I am very sorry for waffling to you for so long so I will now leave you with my tune of the week; Paramore - Still Into You. I wasn't sure what to think of this song when I first heard it as it was very different but, now I love it for that exact reason. It's very Gwen Stefani No Doubt-esk which, is always good. A lot of people are complaining about it saying Paramore have changed but, when I'm a big fan of a band I'm always really supportive of that as long as they don't lose who they are completely and Paramore haven't. They are still amazing, this song's great and really fun and catchy and I still wish I was Hayley, she's incredible. I can't wait to listen to the rest of the new album and I hope you enjoy too!

Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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