Thursday, 4 April 2013

Heaven Can Wait.


Dungarees - Topshop via ebay, being sold here on ebay, similar here.
Stripey Top - H&M, similar here.
Tights- Tesco.
Black Brogues- Dorothy Perkins.
Bowler Hat - Ebay.
Yesterday, I wore this outfit as I thought it was nice for Spring and perfect for the sunshine. I love the dungaree trend at the moment and I really want this pair of paisley print dungarees from Motel which, I also featured in my Passion for fashion 2 Money entry. I just love how cute and versatile dungarees are. This pair of dungarees are a bit big for me as I could only find them in a size 12 on ebay but, it doesn't really matter and I love the acid wash/ distressed style of them and the little buttons at the front. They are very sweet and I really like them paired with my stripey top as well. It gives me a bit of a French essence which, will be perfect for my trip to France in the summer. I love this stripey top too; I've had it for about 3 years now and I adore it and wear it all the time. It just goes great with everything. Everyone should have some stripey tops in their wardrobe, I love them. I kind of wish I'd popped my converse on with the outfit now as I never wear these brogues and they don't really show up in the pictures either but, nevermind. I never wear my bowler hat either but, I definitely need to start wearing it as it's really sweet and I think it's a great accessory which, just adds a little something extra, fun and quirky to an outfit and livens plainer outfits up a bit.
Well, the time has just reached 1.20 am. Yes, that's in the morning! and I cannot believe I am still up :O. I am unbelievably tired though so, I am now heading off to snuggle up in my nice cosy bed and to enjoy the fact that my electric blanket has been on 3 for the last 2 hours. Can't wait! I'm such an old woman but, I couldn't live without me leccy blanket! It's incredible and my bed will now feel like a furnace. Perfect. Do enjoy this song by We The Kings though. Heaven Can Wait is probably my favourite song by them as it's just really upbeat and catchy and the lyrics are so adorable and sweet and make me smile. I hope you enjoy it too!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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