Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fashion Icon.

Perrie Edwards

I don't really know if you can call Perrie Edwards a fashion icon as such as Little Mix haven't been around for very long but, for me I absolutely adore her style. She literally owns my dream wardrobe and I would love to dress like her and to steal some pieces, if not every outfit from her closet. I really like her herself too; she seems really sweet and down to earth and I really wanted Little Mix to win the X Factor the year they did so, now I'm really pleased for them and how well they're doing. Perrie is just really cool and super pretty. I'd love to have her hair too, especially the lilac colour she was sporting a couple of months ago. I really want lilac hair myself but, I'm still not sure whether to go through with it or not yet. It's always easier to get a great finished product when you have an expensive professional hair styling team doing it for you whereas for me it would just be; me, a bottle of bleach and some la riche directions hair dye which, doesn't sound as promising.
Still, at the moment I am a big fan of Perrie's style and here are some of the outfits she's been wearing recently which I have loved and hopefully they can give you some inspiration too. If only I could sing. Wouldn't it be great to be in a famous girl band earning lots of pennies... purely so you can get free clothes or buy all the clothes you've ever wanted ofcourse. I know I'd clean Topshop right out.

As soon as I saw this amazing UNIF Cake Sweater from Dolls Kill I instantly fell in love with it's oversized fit and the pretty, girly pastel colours but, no sooner had I seen the £92 price tag did I realise that unfortunately it would have to stop exactly where it was. £92 I hear you say! Are you insane? I don't even think it's a particularly designer brand or shop. What regular everyday 19 year old girl can afford that? And even those that can I would seriously hope they would really have to justify spending £92 on a jumper first. I do love it though. Maybe one day. That day is currently very far away though :/. I also love these amazing Molly T-bar Geek Shoes from Topshop. They are very cute, school girly and I think they would look amazing paired with a pair of dungarees and thankfully the £35 price tag seems far more realistic. Still, not really achievable for me at the moment but, we'll see. They are also leather though anyway and as a vegetarian I'm not sure I would ever buy anything leather. I refused to buy Uggs when some of my friends had them in school and so I feel it would be very contradictory of me now to buy leather shoes. They are adorable though. Why do all the shoes I want have to be made of leather?
This is what Perrie wore to the Brit Awards earlier this year and I loved it. Again a cute pastel theme which, I adore. I love pastel colours but, I don't seem to own many pastel things actually, if any. Just my new Motel Paisley Dungarees which, I love. She looked fantastic and her outfit actually inspired my New York entry in my Worldwide Wardrobe Travel Supermarket entry which, you can see here. The amazing lilac hair again too. I love the floral crown too although I have a feeling I'd look a bit odd with one perched on top of my head.

I think this Daisy Tits Crop Top is amazing. I really want it! You can find it for £24 on a website called Red Rock. I love it. I'd also love a pair of Doc's but, again with the leather! They are incredible though aren't they; so grungy, chunky and cool.

 And finally Perrie was spotted the other day wearing this really sweet and girly Floral Tea Dress by Motel. This is like my perfect dress; cute, simple and monochrome. I think it would look really lovely with some chunky, Doc style boots and it's just very pretty and perfect for spring. The good thing about Motel Rocks is that they seem to keep selling their stock for quite a while so, hopefully I can get my hands on this lovely dress at some point so, please Motel keep selling it for a few more months if you would be so kind, thankyou!
So, there we have it. Perrie Edwards amazing style and some of the items I would love to own myself. I hope you enjoyed! Do you like Perrie's style? Who are your fashion icons?
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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