Friday, 22 March 2013

Somewhere In Neverland.



Jacket : Dorothy Perkins
Shirt : Criminal Damage
Skirt : Boohoo
Leggings : New Look
Shoes : New Look
Bullet Necklace : Ebay
Polka Dot Satchel : Ebay
Lipstick : Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Heart Breaker
Today I decided to do an outfit post as I got myself all dressed and make-upped up for no reason (I say for no reason although I did get to go on a nice trip to Tesco, not very exciting you say :/?) so, I thought why not do an outfit post. The sun was shining too which, was nice although after taking about 10 or so pictures it did innevitably start to rain and so me and the camera did get a bit soggy. I love check shirts, especially thrown on over a cool t-shirt and some leggings - casual and comfy; perfect combination. However, I always feel like a bit of a boy in this one which, could possibly have something to do with the fact that it is a Criminal Damage Men's shirt but nevermindd, I like it. It's rather old now; about two or more years and after some extreme tidying of my room and literally getting rid of like half the stuff that my room has been housing for the last ten years, I stumbled across this shirt and so popped it on with my boohoo faux leather skirt in the hope that it would make me look a bit more girly. I also popped on my New Look moccassins which, were another 'buried under the bed for a year or more' find which, I thought would add another cute, girly edge to the outfit too.
 I've also been wondering for a while now whether or not I should invest in a khaki military jacket with  faux leather sleeves as they were everywhere a few months ago and I still really love the style but, I think it would be a bit of an unessecary purchase as I do like my military jacket from Dorothy Perkins and as I am once again unemployed (no more night shifts yayy! Here I come bed! (: ) I feel like I should be saving. Especially as Uni calls this September. Finally, I am in love with this satchel. Aren't polka dots and satchels adorable? Match made in heaven if I do say so myself! Finally, I leave you with this lovely song from the incredible All Time Low and the rather gorgeous Mr Alex Gaskarth so enjoy and I am off to watch a couple of episodes of my new favourite program The Middle!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x