Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes.

Song of The Week: American Hi-Fi - Flavor Of The Weak
I was hoping to do an outfit post today as although it was very chilly outside, the sun was in the sky and in England we never can be sure of how long the Sun's going to stay when it finally arrives. However, I've been a busy bee the last two days painting my room with my lovely Mum and so I just haven't had the time and I have also spent the whole of yesterday and today in a pair of tatty old paint splattered jeans and a paint splattered shirt anyway so, I don't think anyone would have found that outfit too appealing really.

Hopefully though I can take some outfit pictures tomorrow instead, as long as it doesn't decide to chuck it down with rain which, it very likely could. Fingers crossed for sunshine :)! I am actually a terrible painter though I have found. I know, is that even possible? I didn't know there was any great skill needed to paint a wall with a roller but, apparently there is and I don't have it :/. My painting just looks all blotchy and the wall is somehow all different colours even though I've been using the exact same cream paint. Luckily Dad has now gone to salvage it for me though and to say thank you to the Parents I have just baked them some chocolate cupcakes to make chocolate fudge cupcakes later so, hopefully that recipe will be coming up soon too.

I am also on cooking the tea duty which, is fine by me as cooking some pizza whilst, watching The Middle sounds far more appealing than painting a wall cream ten times. Anyway, before I go do just that, here is my Tuesday Tune for the week. I am a big fan of American Hi-Fi and own three of their albums. I have actually only just found out that they have another album as well so, hopefully I will soon be either purchasing or downloading that too. They are honestly a really great band with some really amazing songs but, I find them to be really underrated and I also find that a lot of my friends don't know who they are either. I love them though so, if you have never listened to them before give them a good listen to and I am sure you will really like them. This song is teen pop punk perfection with really great, sweet lyrics. They also have lots of other incredible songs too such as; The Breakup Song, I'm a Fool, The Art of Losing, Another Perfect Day and Hell Yeah! etc. Enjoy!
Thankyou for listening!
Love Courts x

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