Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shabby Chic Wish-List

I'd really like to redecorate my room soon. At the moment it's quite kiddy with pastel pink and yellow walls so I'd like to make it a bit more grown up and simpler. I think I'd like to paint my room all white or cream and then get lots of gorgeous girly shabby chic furniture to fill it with. Ofcourse that will be very expensive though so we'll have to see, plus I will hopefully be going to Uni next summer so I don't really know if it's worth spending lots of money on redecorating my room but, it will always be nice to come home to and ofcourse I can have the furniture in my own home in the future.
I adore shabby chic furniture. Anything pretty and vintage is perfect. I would love to get a beautiful shabby chic bed like the one above and then put some pretty wicker fairy lights along the headboard and pop a cath kidston duvet on top.
I'd also love to get a shabby chic wardrobe like this one. I love the mirrors on the door and the pretty, intricate detailing to the top which matches the headboard on the bed.

 More than anything though I would love to have a gorgeous dressing table like this. I love them. It would be so girly and elegant and I could pop lots of pretty perfumes and make-up on top. 

I'd also love a cute little bedside table like this one. I love the style of this one in particular. I like the pretty detailing and distressed white paint work.

I saw this lamp in Next the other day and it is absoloutely gorgeous. It is very pretty and girly and the picture here doesn't actually do it justice. It is really lovely in real-life and I'd love to be able to pop this on top of my bedside table. Maybe I could get two bedside tables and put a retro 60s radio on top of the other one too. I say this all now and am getting excited about my shabby chic room but it will probably never happen.


I saw this clock in Trago and again it looks much nicer in real life. It is lovely and again looks very vintage and classy and I also really like how unique it is. I've never seen a clock like it before.
 A set of drawers to match the rest of the shabby chic furniture would also be lovely and practical to pop all my ridiculous amounts of clutter and clothes I never wear in.

I also adore New York and I love this vintage clock. My dream is to move to New York and open a vintage cupcake bakery and tea room one day. Woudn't it be lovely? I've never been before and me and my Dad would love to go at christmas time, it would be amazing.

I have fallen in love with this chair. I love the gorgeous, vintage print and I think it looks really elegant and classy but, it is ridiculously expensive. £125 on a chair. I'm not so sure :/.

Thankyou for reading!

Love Courts x

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