Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes.

Song Of The Week : Deaf Havana- Hunstanton Pier
I adore this song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. The lyrics are so beautiful and personal and the tune is really sweet. James' voice is also gorgeous and he's actually one of my favourite singers along with Gerard Way and Bert McCracken. I'm also a bit in love with him at the moment; tattoos, piercings, beautiful voice, cute, great band, plays guitar... what more could you ask for? I got to see Deaf Havana at Reading in August and they were amazing and I would love to be able to go and see them again as I'm an even bigger fan of their music now than I was then. Yes I'm looking at you Jamie Pascoe, god sake I'm jealous! I love the new Deaf Havana style aswell, their old music was amazing too but James' voice is incredible and their new songs have such good, meaningful lyrics. I love their new album so much in fact, that I am just about to order it on amazon. It is honestly brilliant. There is not one bad song on the whole album so, if you have not bought or listened to it yet you must! It is called Fools and Worthless Liars but, if you cannot be bothered to download or listen to the whole thing at least listen to this one song, and then Little White Lies... and then I Will Try... and then The Past Six Years... and then at that point you might aswell purchase the whole album ^_^.
Thankyou for listening!
Love Courts x

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