Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas!

Christmas is now only 27 days away which, for festive old me is incredibly exciting to say the least. I thought I would combine my love of Christmas and obsession with clothes today into creating one post where I come up with several potential outfit ideas to wear on Christmas day so, get ready to see plenty of sparkle, glitter, sequins and gold. Afterall, it is Christmas! (:

Outfit Idea One

This is actually the outfit I am in the process of purchasing ready to wear on Christmas day myself.

I love this bronze metallic, pleat skirt from boohoo and it is only £18 which, I think is a bargain. It is fun, cute, girly, shiny and BRONZE. Perfect for christmas. I actually ordered it the other day so, hopefully it will be here soon and hopefully I will like it as much as I did on the website in person. I love it paired with the black blouse aswell as it has the rock vibe I love and I was originally going to order a studded collar blouse like the one in the picture but, I now think I am going to go with this crucifix printed one from Missguided at £23.99, again not too expensive. It is also very on trend and fits with the Gothic trend that is very in fashion and popular at the moment which, is a bonus. I would love to pair it again with a bullet/spike necklace like that in the picture and a pork pie or bowler hat like this one from Topshop, or if you are on more of a budget like myself this christmas, this cute bowler hat from ebay. At around £7 you really can't go wrong. Finally, finish this outfit off with some black or glittery gold nail varnish and some studded platform heels.

Outfit Idea Two

I really love velvet dresses at the moment and I have fallen in love with both of these. There is this gorgeous, maroon one from Goldie London  but, it is rather expensive at £65, and then there is this lovely green, velvet dress from Missguided which, is much more pleasing to the bank balance at just £18.99. Missguided have some lovely pieces at the moment. I think both of these dresses would look perfect with a pork pie or bowler hat again and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell style Litas like these on ebay. Also pair it with some studded and spiky jewellery and these amazing Spiked earrings from Missguided.
Outfit Idea Three
Now to be very girly and festive. The perfect little red dress for Christmas day. I love both of these dresses by Jones and Jones, especially the second one. There is this lovely Tamara Red Sequin dress with cute peter pan collar for £75 which, is perfect and sparkly for Christmas and then there is this gorgeous Audrey Poppy Dress for £60 which, is very elegant and feminine with the lovely lace detailing and fun skater skirt. I really want a Jones and Jones dress and I think they are well worth their price tag. They are beautiful and unique dresses and I would really like the Jones and Jones Black Lace Poppy Dress. I think both of these cute little dresses would look lovely with some pretty, gold glitter platform heels like these on ebay.

Outfit Idea Four

This is a more simple outfit idea for Christmas day (if sequin hotpants can be classed as simple. :/) However, it is still very fun, festive and pretty. I love these hotpants from Missguided for £19.99 and I think they would look great with a cute festive jumper tucked in. I love this santa print one from boohoo and have just ordered it for myself however, I have just noticed it is now sold out. Hopefully it will come back in stock as it is an absoloute bargain at just £15 however, you can grab a lovely christmas jumper from anywhere at the minute as they are very on trend and primark are doing some really nice ones for only around £8-£9.

Outfit Idea Five

Then if you do have some more pennies to spare and really want to dress up for Christmas then why not splash out on a gorgeous Motel Gabby Sequin Dress. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from including; black, green, gold and silver/charcoal and they are really popular with celebrities too at the moment. Zoe Ball wore the green version on Strictly It Takes Two the other week. They are beautiful, elegant and festive and I think they would look great with these stunning Lily Wing Court Heels fromTopshop.

So to finish off, who doesn't love a bit of Festive Buble?

Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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