Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes and See You Soons.

Song of The Week : Feeder- Borders.
I love this Feeder song and just Feeder in general. They have so many well known, fun, iconic songs and I was lucky enough to get to see them at Reading in August. They were amazing and were actually one of my favourite performances of the whole festival. They were just so fun to watch and absoloutely everybody sang and danced along and enjoyed it considering we were all soaking wet and freezing cold which, was lovely. I could barely see them either and mostly watched via the big screen but, it was still incredible hearing everyone sing along to Buck Rodgers, Just The Way I'm Feeling and Just A Day. I also surprised myself in how many songs of theirs I actually knew. I think Feeder are just one of those underated bands which you eventually realise 'Damn they are actually really good and I like loads of their songs.' This one included. I am currently rushing to write this all down as Dad has just got home from work and I am borrowing his laptop as I just found out mine is completely and utterly broken :/. Fantastic. Apparently it is completely ruined and everything inside is broken and it looks like I have dropped it down the stairs which I haven't, so god knows what has happened, all I know is that I now need to get saving up those pennies to buy me a new one. Not something I was planning on doing after only having my other one for just over a year. Still, as such I will not be able to really blog until I get my new one but, hopefully that won't be too long and I will blog lots and lots when I get back :)! I have fallen in love with this pretty pink laptop and in terms of actual laptops and technology I think it is quite good too really :P. Mainly though... IT'S PINK. (:
At £480. (Gosh it hurts to write that :/) It is very expensive but, it is actually not unreachable... just very painful. Still, it will pretty much take a whole months paypacket to pay for so we will have to see. Never one to find anything cheap, me.
See you all soon :)!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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