Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Promise, I Won't Let You Down, If You Take My Hand Tonight.


Outfit of the Day:
Hat- Amazon
Cardigan- Charity Shop
Army Jacket- Army Surplus
Shorts- Topshop
Vans- ASOS

This is an outfit I wore the other day actually, it would be far too chilly and rainy to wear it today. It's freezing but, hopefully that means we might be in for some snow maybe soon. That would be nice :).

These pictures I have noticed aren't the most flattering but, nevermind :P. I will embrace my rather chunky thighs. I love my Topshop dip dye shorts and I have noticed recently that they are selling quite a few pairs of them at the moment on ebay so, if you'd like some have a look. I actually got the blue and yellow version the other day for only £8. Bargain! Considering I paid £36 for these ones back in the summer, £8 is much better. Although, when they arrived I wasn't sure about them but I'm sure I'll love them just as much as these ones when I get wearing them. I'm thinking that maybe I should buy my winter clothes in the summer on ebay and then my summer clothes in the winter. You could get some real bargains.

My tights also look a bit shoddy so, I best invest in a few new pairs of those too. I have no idea what I do to tights and leggings, I just seem to rip them or damage them after one time of wearing. I also love this cute little white knit cardigan which, I picked up last year in a charity shop for only £3.50. It's very sweet and actually keeps you really warm and it is my only ever charity shop purchase. Why can't I find any more amazing little purchases like it? I see so many people wearing amazing charity shop items but, I can never find any, Cornwall charity shops just aren't the same as up country. The hat's on again as always too. I adore hats and just bought a really cool, retro New York bobble hat which, I am wearing currently... while, indoors laying on my bed. I'm so lame. And my beloved vans ofcourse.

I've bought quite a few new clothes recently actually so hopefully I can do a few more outfit posts now. Finally, I do love my army jacket and it only cost me £14 which, I think is really good having seen some in Topshop and ASOS etc. for like £40 to £50.

I love Simple Plan and they are one of my favourite bands but, for some reason I have never really listened to this song before until just the other day when I was flicking through songs on my ipod. I'm very glad I stumbled across it as I am addicted to it at the moment and can't stop listening to it. It's really sweet so, I hope you enjoy!

Thankyou for reading!

Love Courts x

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