Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wishlist-Jumpers Galore.

With this chilly weather we're having at the moment I want nothing more than to wrap up warm in a nice cosy jumper and ofcourse having the obsession with clothes that I do there are endless numbers of jumpers on my shopping list at the moment.

 I really want a tacky/cheesy festive christmas jumper this year as odd as that sounds. The cringier, brighter and merrier the better. I adore christmas and I still get as excited as I did when I was a little girl. I really wanted this one as it's really cute and festive but it's now been bought on etsy which is a bit gutting so hopefully I can find another one a bit like this lovely one. 65 days until Christmas and I already can't wait! (:
This is another jumper I really like so I hope this one is still available, I'll have to have a check in a minute. I love the bright colours and I have really wanted a vintage American College sweatshirt for absoloutely ages and I think this would be a really fun and very unique one to get so fingers crossed it will still be available when the paypacket comes in. I was a bit concerned that when it arrived it would be a bit too bright for me though and that I wouldn't really wear it but, I do really like it and it's cheery, casual vibe so I'm sure I'll be pulling it out of the wardrobe lots.

 I love love love this gorgeous jumper from Topshop and I saw it the other day in the store when I was in Plymouth and instantly wanted it. It has a really pretty aztec print and it is lovely and soft, thick and cosy and perfect for the chilly winter months to come and I really want to buy this one even at £45. I think it will have to be my first purchase if the first wage packet isn't too shabby.

This would be another item to add to my list of many many ebay purchases. I really like it, again it is very loose and casual and looks nice and comfy which I like. I also love that it is dip dye as I love dip dye clothes at the moment and the grungey vibe they have. I also really like the colours of this one but, it does keep selling out so again fingers crossed the stocks will last.

 Another cool, grungey dip dye jumper from Ebay. I love the rocky vibe to this one with the studs on the shoulders and again I love the casual vibe and how it is made more on trend, fun and exciting by the dip dye styling. I really like the green colours to this one as well as I love the colour green.

My sister just bought this jumper from ASDA for me for christmas actually and I am very happy. The colouring is lovely and simple yet effective. I love the greys and ombre style and it also has pretty flecks of deep purple wool in throughout which is nice. She also let me try it on as she had to order a size bigger than I normally am as my size wasn't in stock and I love it. It's perfect, soft and cosy and I kind of wish I bought it for myself now as I want to wear it now!

This is a nice jumper from Ark however, I'm not sure if I like it enough to purchase it actually. It's a lovely pastel colour but there was a nicer lilac jumper on Ark a few months ago which I preferred  and really wanted as it was a gorgeous colour but, it is now no longer available. I am a big fan of Ark though and they have some lovely items. I got a really sweet, comfy mint coloured knit jumper a couple of months ago on sale for only £9 and I love it and wear it all the time so I would deffinately recommend doing some shopping at Ark as they have some lovely pieces at very good prices.

 John Belushi! Isn't he incredible? (: And Animal House is so unbelieveably good. Everyone has to watch it! I have always wanted the Bluto College Sweatshirt but I think they are harder to find these days so hopefully I can find one eventually.

I first saw this jumper on the sweet monday blog and I really like it. It's simple and Kim looks lovely in it. It's also again very grungey and very much my style and I really like the colours and pattern to the jumper so I may invest in this one at a later date, we'll see. It is from Own The Runway.

I would really like a nice sparkly/sequinny/ glittery jumper this year,too, particularly ready for December and christmas. I really like this one from Love at ASOS and I also saw a very cute grey one in Topshop the other day which I loved but, it was a bit see-through and thin when I tried it on so I wonder if this one will be any better. Always nice to have a bit of sparkle too ofcourse.

Finally I also really like these too cross jumpers from Missguided. I always think Missguided has very good prices for their products and some really nice and unique items for sale. I love the simplicity of this beige jumper and the fluffiness of the white one. I bet it's lovely, toasty and cosy. They are both very rocky aswell but also quite girly at the same time which is cool.
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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