Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Summary.

Very long time no post :). I have had a rather busy last couple of weeks. First, I started work which was scary and very tiring but I got through it. I'm still unsure about it at the moment. It's not terrible but it's also not great but then I guess that's the same for lots of people in jobs and most 18 year olds don't get given the nicest jobs to do either. I am doing the night shift and at the moment I literally cannot sleep in the day so after my two nights I am absoloutely knackered but as it's only two nights it is possible to get through on just about no sleep in over 48 hours as I have five days after to recover and be normal so not too bad and £8 an hour doesn't seem too shabby either. However, the 10 hour shift is not too pleasent :/. I can just about get to the 6am mark after 8 hours but then you literally are running on no energy for the last two hours and just want to go home and the last two hours are also horrible as a vegetarian as it's two hours of meat and fish stacking. Fantastic. The shift is actually also really draining, more so than I thought it would be. It's literally not stop lifting and stacking for about 9 and 1/2 hours and the first week I kept cutting my hands and felt really achey too but this week thankfully wasn't so bad. Everyone has been their for so long though and so they all get along really well so at the moment I feel a bit awkward and out of place as I'm quite shy anyway and they all laugh and joke together which is nice but I just stand their quietly at the moment which makes me feel bad. I hope they don't think I'm being miserable, I'm just not very confident. I think that's the worst thing at the moment. Still, two weeks done now and hopefully it will get better in time.

After my first two shifts last week I also went camping in Looe with my family which was lovely. Looe is really pretty and sweet and there are lots of lovely little shops. We also went to Trago while we were there and I saw my dream bedroom furniture; all vintage and shabby chic. I have fallen in love with the dressing table so I may have to save up for it now. How amazing would it be to have a lovely girly dressing table with perfumes and make-up scattered all over it? Then on the Tuesday we went to Plymouth and I got to splash out in primark for the first time in months which was nice. However, there weren't too many purchases with the current dwindling funds in my bank account. I got a lovely thick chunky black knit jumper with grey sleeves though for £12 which is nice and cosy as well as two belts, a cute festive scarf with robins on it and some sweet moccassin slippers. So much more could have gone in that basket though. Damn your 4 weekly payment scheme Sainsburys! I really wanted the gingerbread man onesie but has anyone else noticed that primark seem to make their onesies for giants? They are huge and far too long for my 5ft4 frame. I think they'd even bury Peter Crouch.

Camping was lovely too even in this chilly weather and it was lovely and snug in the tent at night.

Before I left to go camping I also decided to treat myself to this bag from ASOS which I love. I adore the colour, it's so bright and cheerful and I love the rocky studs. It's also quite big and roomy which is handy. Can't grumble with a sale either.

I am hoping to do quite a few posts to catch up over the next few days including a Wishlist later hopefully. However I would also like to get in some exercise as I have been very lazy recently and then I am going to recover all the calories I will have burnt by making and munching on some white chocolate cupcakes. I also have X Factor and Strictly results to watch and most likely Downton aswell however, I am currently very angry at Downton for killing Cybil. I love her and I was devestated when she died. Those tears didn't stop coming for a good 30 minutes. God sake Downton what are you playing at? With regards to Strictly Lisa is my favourite. She is amazing. I also love Denise and Louis and I loved Louis' Dirty Dancing this week. As for X Factor; James was incredible, he actually made me really like an otherwise incredibly shit song. It was brilliant! I also love District 3, as cringey as it sounds their harmony's are beautiful haha plus despite my love of rock music I have always had a slightly embarrassing softspot for boybands and they really remind me of Backstreet Boys. I guess it would make sence for Rylan to go and he also sang my least favourite song ever by singing that JLo one but still, I actually really dislike that girl with the guitar, is it Lucy? I know it's mean but I find her really annoying and don't really think she can sing but everyone else seems to love her so I don't think she'll be going.

Liverpool also won this weekend! Yay for Raheem. He's adorable and ofcourse Suso signed a 5 year contract for the club which is fantastic as he's an amazing player and hopefully I can now look at his pretty face for at least the next five years aswell which is also a nice bonus ;).

Anyway, the nephew has just walked in, or more truthfully ran in excitedly shouting, so I think it's about time I have a play with him and then tuck in to Mum's veggie stew and dumplings. Nom.

Thankyou for reading!

Love Courts x

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