Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wednesday Wish-list.

Topshop have some really cool halloweeny style tops in at the moment. I particuarly love this rib cage top, it takes me a bit back to my emo kid 13 year old days and reminds me of my many trips to Blue Banana. I think it looks really cool and rocky and I love that the t-shirt is bright red as it's very different. I also like the black version of this top alot and originally wanted it in black but red seems a bit more exciting and different. I never get red clothes. I'm pretty sure every t-shirt I own is either black or white. 

Topshop Red Polka Dot Dress - I'm quite a fan of red at the moment it would seem maybe it's my liverpool fan routes or my festive mood. This dress I'm pretty sure came out last year but I have seen a couple on ebay recently. I love it, it's really sweet and girly and I love polka dots and the cute scalloped collar. I'll have to keep my out in case one is being sold on ebay. The white and brown versions are always on there and I like them but I'd really like it in red.
I am in love with these boots. I have really wanted a pair of black ankle boots for ages now, especially for winter. I was planning on getting a pair from primark but, when I got there and tried them on I wasn't actually that impressed by any of them. I also originally wanted a pair of suede style desert boots from ebay but I figured they wouldn't last in the horrible rainy weather and I also actually prefer the leather style ones now. The only thing with these is, apart from the rather hefty £55 price tag, they are also real leather :/. As a vegetarian I never buy leather products and I would feel so terrible and contradictory if I did. I do love them though I just don't know if thats enough to go against something I'm so passionate about. I wish they made some nice studded faux leather boots!

I really like this dress and cannot believe it is only £15. I love the baroque print and gold detailing and I also think it is very pretty and feminine and looks far more expensive than it is. I think it would look great on a night out.
I really like the simplicity of this dip dye top. As I have said before I love the dip dye trend and this top gets really good reviews. I also saw it in topshop the other day and I love the loose fitting,slouchy style.

Topshop Dinosaur Top - I have always loved the Topshop dinosaur top since it came out. Again I will have to search ebay for it now as it is sold out. I have wanted it for a long time but my mum convinced me it was a bit kiddy and that I would hardly wear it but, now I have changed my mind and am going to start looking for it again. Hopefully it sells for a bit less now than the thirty odd pounds I saw it selling for in the summer.

I love the colour of both of these nail varnishes from topshop. The gold one is called Stardust and the blue one is called Junk Yard. They are quite expensive but I think they are really pretty and I love the glitter and think they will be perfectly festive for christmas.

I really like this floral blazer from boohoo aswell. I think it would look perfect with some nice black skinny jeans, some pretty heels and a blouse and collar like in the picture. I really want a nice collar but everytime I see one I like it is sold out.
Floral Boohoo Blazer


I love the Inbetweeners. It is hilarious. I would love the boxset to have a good giggle to and I might order it off amazon soon although, a few weeks ago it was only £10 and now it's about £15 which I know isn't that much difference but it's a bit annoying that it's gone up.
Inbetweeners Boxset

Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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