Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesday Tunes.

Song Of The Week: Brand New - Jude Law And A Semester Abroad.
I love this song. The lyrics are brilliant. 'And even if her plane crashes tonight she'll find some way to disappoint me, by not burning in the wreckage, or drowning at the bottom of the sea.' I really like Brand New but, I'd never really listened to them properly before until about a couple of months ago when I downloaded their first album; Your Favourite Weapon which is really good. Other than that though I still haven't listened to them properly even now, apart from probably their two most famous, well known songs; The Quiet Things That Noone Ever Knows and Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades, both of which are incredible songs, so I'll have to have a good listen to them soon. The Quiet Things That Noone Ever Knows is really sad and has really powerful meaningful lyrics while Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades is really cool, creepy and twisted. I think this would have to be my favourite Brand New song at the moment though. I'd deffinately recommend listening to them if you've never heard of them before or never really listened to many of their songs before like me as they are a really good band and have written some amazing songs and lyrics.