Thursday, 6 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is You.


Outfit of The Day :
Zodiac Blouse - ASOS
Dungarees - Topshop via Ebay
Blue Vans Authentic - Ebay
New York Beanie - ASOS Marketplace, Gone Retro.
I think I should really continue to take my pictures outside as the lightings not very good inside and so the pictures don't come out very good quality. Nevermindd, it's rather chilly at the moment so I'm a big fan of staying as close to the heater as possible. Plus I'm a bit of a fool, who wears dungarees in the winter?
Nonetheless, I love them! I think dungarees are adorable and I got these ones the other week for only about £10 off ebay. I loved them so much when they arrived that I also bought the black version off of ebay for a similar price aswell. These ones are a little big on me as I got a size 12 and I am normally a size 10 but, it doesn't really matter as they are comfy and I still think they look really cute. I also love the acid wash effect to them too.
I think they will look great next summer as well with a t-shirt underneath and some vans on my feet which, is good and for now I am happy wearing them with some thick, wooly tights, a long sleeved top and a beanie. Although, again I am silly as I wear my hat so far back on my head that it provides no warmth for my head whatsoever. What is the point? The things you do for fashion.
I love my new beanie! It is very cool and retro and I got it from the Gone Retro shop on ASOS marketplace which, has some other amazing hats and gorgeous clothes so take a look! New York is also my absoloute favourite place, I have never been before but my dream is to go to New York at Christmas time to see it in the snow. It just looks such an incredible place. I hope I can go one day.
I got this zodiac blouse on sale for about £20 a few months ago from ASOS and it is lovely. It is very unique with the zodiac print and is made of a lovely, soft, shiny material which, is very comfy and looks very expensive. It is quite roomy aswell which, makes it nice and cosy and I like that it can also be dressed up and down.
Finally, my lovely blue vans. These are my favourite pair of vans that I own. I love them! They are so worn and faded now whereas my other two pairs are practically in pristine condition as they hardly ever get worn but, I always pop these ones on my feet. I'd wanted the blue ones since forever when I finally got them though so, I think thats probably why. They had always been my favourite pair and so they still are now, they rarely leave my feet if I can help it. A few months ago they got these strange oily stains on them and I thought I was going to have to throw them away as they looked terrible and I had no money to replace them so I was really upset but, luckily Mum managed to save them with two washes in the washing machine and a large amount of stain remover. Aren't Mum's just the best?
Another incredible Christmas song and no disrespect to Mariah as the original is incredible but, My Chem are my favourite band and I love this version! All I Want For Christmas Is Frank Iero.
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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