Thursday, 27 September 2012

When I Wake, I'm Right Here By Your Side, To Feel Your Heart Beat In And Out Of Time.



Outfit of the day:
Denim Jacket: Vintage
Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: ASDA
Tights: ASDA
Creepers: Ebay
Geek Glasses: Ebay
Hat: Amazon

Ello ello. I am feeling rather happy today. Largely because Liverpool beat West Brom in the Capital One Cup yesterday which, feels amazing after our poor start to season. We're playing really well but, nothing seems to be going our way and we really need a goal scorer. I love our young boys though, they are incredible!

I also got offered a job at Sainsburys on Tuesday which, means I can start earning some pennies and buy some bits and bobs for myself aswell as be able to afford Christmas presents which is nice. I love christmas and I'm already very excited and I can't wait to start buying presents for people or to pop on the old Christmas cd's and have a nice festive sing along. The Muppets Christmas Carol DVD must also come out aswell. However, now I've actually got the job I am terrified and incredibly nervous about starting. I'm so shy and quiet and I'm worried they wont like me and it's also a night shift which, is a bit scary anyway but, I also might not be very good at the actual job and I'm worried I will be really slow at stacking the shelves as I'm not very strong so, they might sack me. Fingers crossed they won't :/.

When I start earning some money I really want to buy the Liverpool Home Shirt. I love the vintage feel to it this season, it's very simple and classic and I love the retro collar. I'd also like to get this gorgeous young man's name on the back.

He's just a little bit attractive wouldn't you say? And in football terms, he's going to be, and pretty much already is, an incredible player.

I also had a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday with one of my best friends; Jamie, to say goodbye to him before he goes up country to start Uni this weekend. We watched the film Arthur with Russel Brand, which is absoloutely hilarious and then we had some delicious Enchiladas and Nachos. I love mexican food. Anything with excessive amounts of cheese is good. I am going to miss him lots now though as he's the friend I spend the most time with and he's so lovely and funny and makes me laugh constantly but still, I hope he has an amazing time up in Warwick and I will see him in December too so not a ridiculously long time away.

Anyway, as I am feeling pretty chirpy today I decided to wear some yellow as it's bright and cheerful. I have never been sure about my Topshop Mustard dress though, I mean I really like it and I especially love the vintage pleating to the bottom but, for some reason I just never thought it suited me. I saw it in the shop and loved it and I also saw it on bloggers like Monica Barleycorn and Llymlrs who looked lovely in it but, I just wasn't sure about it on me. However, recently I have discovered a way to wear it and an outfit to wear it with which I really like as it adds a nice splash of colour to a quite simple and otherwise dark and plain outfit.

I adore my denim jacket and I wear it all the time. My Mum gave it to me about a year ago because she said it was a bit small for her and it's perfect. It's got a vintage, grungey feel to it and I think it goes really well with this outfit. I deffinately needed it today aswell as it's absoloutely freezing. I was only outside taking these pictures for about 10 minutes and I already think I've developed a cold. Blanket and hot chocolate here we come. I also love wearing my geek glasses to give a grungey vibe too although, I'm not sure if I am brave enough yet to wear them out in public. It's not so long ago that my friend asked me if she could borrow them for fancy dress so, day to day wear I'm still not so sure. Finally, I'm wearing my creepers again. I really like them. I wasn't sure about them at first as they have a polystyrene sole which, I thought was quite poor quality for £19 but, because of the sole they are not quite as bulky as the rubber sole ones which I think's quite nice as it makes them a bit more dainty and not such a bold, statement. Although, now I actually would like to invest in some of the bigger, chunkier ones. I love the blue ones.

The only problem with these polystyrene soles is that it makes them just a little bit slippery. I remember the first time I wore them; I walked through my kitchen, skidded on the tile floor and fell straight over, flat on my back. I then cleverly continued to wear them out and found myself skidding around the shop floor of Tesco. This time I managed to stay on my feet though however, I'm still not sure how great or even normal I looked hobbling around the shop, slipping all over the place. Luckily, I've worn them down a bit now though so no more falling over hopefully. However, I'm still not very steady and often find myself tripping over nothing or stumbling when I'm standing still.

Anyway, I will leave you now with this lovely song by Angels and Airwaves. I love their songs, they are all so sweet and mellow and have really beautiful lyrics. I also love Tom Delonge. Who doesn't love Tom Delonge?

Thankyou for reading!

Love Courts x

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