Sunday, 30 September 2012

I'm Mr Reckless With A Capital R.





Outfit of the Day:
Jumper- Ebay
Disco Leggings - Ark
Vans - ASOS
T-shirt - ASOS
Hat - Amazon
Earrings - Tesco 
'You've been throwing bricks at my window. Like there's no better way to say 'Hello'. Hello.'
Okay, so I am currently sat here wondering as to why I didn't jump at the chance to go into clearing and head up to Uni in Liverpool this year as it is what I am hoping to do next year anyway. I guess it just scared me that one second I could be at home with my family having turned down my offer from Plymouth University and instead be thinking about what I could do for the next year at home without having a second thought about Uni and then suddenly, I was thinking about Uni again and it all seemed too sudden and soon and there would be so much to sort out in such a short space of time, such as my accomodation and student finance. Realistically I know it was possible but, for such a worrying, nervous wreck (Thanks very much for those genes by the way Mum :P) I decided to take a year out in the hope of saving up some money and thinking more about the course I actually wanted to do. Fingers crossed I've made the right decision.
I think I feel this way right now largely because I see alot of my friends enjoying their Fresher's weeks so much and then I'm just sat here at home not really doing anything with my time except watching Downton, baking some cupcakes and occassionally popping on the old MJ wii dance experience. Then again, I know I haven't missed out altogether as I can do the same as them next year, I just don't want to look back in a years time and think I wasted a whole year when I could have been doing something. I think it might be better when I actually start working as then I'll feel like I am doing something worthwhile and hopefully I can also save up some pennies too so that I can do a few things and spend time with my friends that are still here aswell as save up for Uni next year so, that I can have a nice time, as this year I literally would have been bankrupt and not able to afford to do anything let alone pay my rent.
Still, having said that I am absoloutely terrified about actually starting work and I have two induction days at Sainsburys this Thursday and Friday which, I am rather nervous about so hopefully they will go okay. 18 hours of induction :O. That seems like rather alot. I have no idea what it involves either. I also saw a young guy in Sainsbury's today drop a crate of expensive wine and it literally went everywhere. Bless him, it was awful and I felt so sorry for him and really wanted to go and help. God, I hope that doesn't happen to me.
In all honesty though I do often sit here and hope that I've made the right choice but, I know I just need to give it some time and hopefully I will find that I have. Hopefully I can also do some work experience early next year as well and go into schools to teach Food Technology as that is what I'd like to do in the future. I am also sitting here tonight regretting not going to University though because I am a hopeless romantic who believes in the fairytale romance, her prince charming and that my love life will eventually play out like in the movies. Ofcourse it won't but, somehow I still manage to convince myself that had I moved to Liverpool this year I would have inevitably met Suso by now and we'd currently be falling madly in love. You know, as you do with a professional footballer. This will obviously never happen and I will most likely never even meet him, living in Liverpool or not but still, can't blame a girl for dreaming ay... about a gorgeous, talented, spanish footballer. No, that seems pretty reasonable to me.
This week has been pretty good though. Last Saturday I had an amazing time at my friend Jamie's house having some drinks with some friends I haven't seen in a while which was lovely and very funny. I baked Chocolate and Peanutbutter cupcakes on Tuesday which, were lovely but I'm going to try and improve the recipe this week before sharing it. I baked cupcakes with my incredible little nephew Charlie aswell whilst, listening to Busted and McFly which was actually an incredibly fun way to spend the day. I also made incredibly scary Teletubbies masks with him which, are terrifying and look nothing like the Teletubbies but, he seems really happy with them so thats good. Bless two year olds, they appreciate whatever you give them. Isn't he adorable?
I had my first proper job interview on Monday too which was very scary but I got through it and also got the job which was a huge shock but, was also great news for my dwindling bank account as long as I am not a terrible shelf stacker and manage to keep the job. Finally, I got to watch Liverpool beat Norwhich 5-2 on Saturday so, I was chuffed to bits and it was a very nice way to round off the week.
On to the outfit. I love this jumper. It is so cosy and bright and I love the aztec print and vibrant, contrasting colours. I got it from the Ragged Priest store I think it was on ebay last October and I'm so glad I did. I was determined to win it and ended up paying about £32 for it I think but it is deffinately worth it and it is keeping me nice and warm at the moment in this freezing weather. I also love my Disco Pants, they are so comfy and feel amazing although, I do often feel like I'm about to start a workout when I wear them or like I'm an extra in Fame. I don't think thats necessarily a bad thing though as I love them none the less and would really like another pair. My normal leggings always fall apart too so I like that these are alot more hard wearing and less likely to get holes in them on the first time of wearing. I seem to throw away like 5 pairs of leggings every week so I would deffinately reccomend getting these as they are much stronger and thicker which, is also good for the chilly weather that is coming and I think they are actually well worth the money at £16.99 a pair. I also love that they are shiny as it makes them a bit more exciting and also allows you to wear them on a night out too paired with a nice top if you like. 
I adore vans. I wear them with pretty much every outfit and I love my burgundy ones but, I don't seem to wear them very much as they don't go with as much as my blue or black ones but, today I decided to be very colour co-ordinated with my burgundy vans, burgundy jumper and my burgundy hat and I think my vans work really well with the outfit. I am never colour coordinated normally as you will probably see in the future and most of my outfits are normally a clash of random different colours which probably don't go together at all, nothing wrong with a bit of colour though. I love the black laces too and I think they go really well with the burgundy colour and I think it makes them have more of a rock vibe about them which I like. I love the print on this ASOS t-shirt too and the bit of sparkle it has and this is actually the newest addition to my wardrobe however, I'm still not sure as to whether I think it really suits me as it doesn't seem to hang quite right on me but, nevermind, I love the print and I like the casual, comfy feel to the top so, in the wardrobe it goes.
Last of all. I love You Me At Six. I love Josh Franceschi. I love Reckless. So, heres Josh Franceschi and the rest of You Me At Six singing Reckless. Enjoy! (:
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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