Friday, 28 September 2012

Weekly Wish List.

I have wanted a Pork Pie hat now for absoloutely ages and I love the shape of the Topshop ones. I think it's very cute, has a rock vibe to it and will be brilliant to finish off any outfit. Originally when I had the money to buy one I decided that £26 was ridiculously expensive and now that I actually want one I can't afford it. Typical. They have also been out of stock for a while now and only just came back in so, fingers crossed I will be able to get one before they sell out again. I could always ebay it but, they actually often sell for more on ebay than they do in Topshop.
I saw this gorgeous dress on the Sweet Monday blog about a week ago and I've wanted it ever since. I love the monochrome colours and the embellishment to the top makes it very pretty and perfect for a special occassion while the white flared, skater style to the bottom makes it very girly and feminine. I do think it's rather exxpensive though at £60 :O. Damn. I've never spent anywhere near that much on a dress before but, I do really like this one. It's already selling out really fast though and there is only limited stock available so by the time I finally get some money in the bank I think it will be too late. I would love to pair this with the Pork Pie hat above and the studded heels below, I think it would look great for a night out.

I adore these spiked platform heels, they have a rock vibe which I love and I think they would look great on a night out with the Pork Pie hat perched on top of my head too. I love studded footwear at the moment but, I haven't actually got any so I'd love to invest in these. I really need some black heels as well after selling my only pair about a month ago. I fell in love with a pair of ankle boot heels from New Look last year and bought them even though they were a size too big but, as I am terrible at walking in heels at the best of times, a size too big made it pretty much impossible for me to move at more than 1mph so I decided to get rid of them. I'd love to replace them now with these but, again the price is pretty high at £43.99 and I wont be able to afford them for at least another 3 or 4 weeks so I might lose out on my dream shoes.
I love the leather sleeved jacket trend at the moment as I mentioned before and I love this denim jacket from Missguided. It's very cool, casual and versatile and I think it will look great with skinny jeans and a t-shirt or even a pretty, feminine dress so, I think it would be a great item to purchase but, it is very popular at the moment as it's very on trend and also quite reasonably priced so, it keeps selling out.
I love the colour of this lipstick, it's a very pretty, matte pink and is very subtle and I would love to get it but, once again I have never spent this much on lipstick before. £13 :O Goodness. We'll see.
MAC Please Me Lipstick
This perfume smells lovely, very pretty and fruity and I will definately be purchasing this when I get some pennies as I have pretty much emptied every perfume bottle I own now. Maybe I should have looked for a job in Debenhams, I could have had a sneaky spritz of a perfume everyday for free.  
Marc Jacobs Hibiscus Perfume

Twin Atlantic and Billy Talent Concert Tickets
I adore Billy Talent Talent and Twin Atlantic and they are two of my favourite bands so I would love to go and see them in concert. Both are performing in Birmingham in November I think it is aswell which would be perfect as my friend Jamie is at University in Warwick and my Auntie lives in Leicester but, I just can't afford them at the moment. I did get to see them both at Reading Festival this year though so thats good and they were both incredible! Hopefully I'll get to see them again one day.
I am in love with this camera, it is gorgeous and red! I love red. I have wanted a good camera for ages now as I love taking pictures and I keep having to borrow my Dad's camera at the moment as mine has a big crack in the screen, is about 7 years old, doesn't take great pictures and sometimes decides it doesn't even feel like taking pictures that day at all. I've read really good reviews about this camera aswell so, I'm sure I will love it. This is the only item on my wish-list that I have managed to get so far aswell and it probably will be the only item I do get but, I will have to wait until December to get it as it is my christmas present from my lovely Mum and Dad. Thankyou!
Fujifilm Finepix Red SL300 Camera

Well hello there. I am a little bit in love with this boy at the moment however, he is appearing on my wish-list purely to show that I would like to buy a Liverpool Home Shirt soon with Suso on the back. To be honest though he is deffinately on my wish-list too and I would like to get him far more than any of the other items on here. I'd happily trade in my Camera for Christmas to have him for Christmas.

Liverpool Home Shirt                  

I would love a new phone too as I have had my LG Cookie for about 3 years now and it's not looking very healthy. I would also like a bit better quality phone but, I don't want to pay ridiculous amounts as I don't really use my phone very much. I really like this Blackberry as my favourite colour is purple and I would also like to be able to use the internet on my phone as I just think it would be useful if I was out or on holiday etc. But lets see how work goes first before I start buying anything. I might be terrible at the job or they might hate me and fire me after a week so no money or new items for me. Hopefully not though. I'll try my best.   
Purple Blackberry Curve 8530
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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