Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Wish-list.

Hearts & Bows Light Wash Vintage Levi Shorts
Todays Wednesday wish-list is basically a complete outfit I would really like to own. I think it would look great in the Summer.  Very retro and casual. I love love love this Gene Simmons top. It's so cool and creepy and rock 'n' roll and I also really love baseball tops at the moment which, makes me like it even more. The only thing is I was just watching one on ebay but, chose not to buy it yet as I am supposed to be saving and now I can't find another one anywhere. Just my luck. If only I'd been my usual 'buy now, regret later' self and been willing to spend the not so steep £12 on it. Hopefully I'll be able to find another one at some point though. Then I love this pair of Levi shorts from Ark. I already have two pairs of Levi shorts in black and a sort of medium blue but, I really like the pale colour of these ones and the frayed bottom style as both of my pairs are rolled up at the bottom. These are still available at Ark at the moment so, hopefully I'll be able to get myself a pair as I am in love with Levi's and they are my wardrobe essential in the Summer. I'm just a little worried as the picture is only an example so my pair might arrive and be completely different and I don't want them to be the same colour as the pair I already own.
I really want a pair of white converse too. Originally, I wanted the off-white, cream colour but, I can't find them anywhere in a size 4 so, I think I've decided I'm going to go for the white. I think they'll look great in the summer, I just hope I actually wear them as I own a classic black pair and they barely ever touch my feet as I pretty much only ever leave the house wearing my beloved vans. Still, I really like them so, I think I will probably invest in some at somepoint so, fingers crossed I don't regret it. Finally, I adore these sunglasses from Topshop and I have had them saved in my favourites list for weeks but, I just went on the website and noticed that they are now out of stock so, getting my dream summer outfit is going really well at the moment. Hopefully though they will be back in stock soon as it is only January so not really sunglasses weather yet and also they are very on trend at the moment with the oversized, round, 60s style which, I am loving.
Now, another item I would really like for the Summer is a Clippy Photo Beach Bag. (I am aware I am sounding far too eager for the Summer when we've barely even started January, sorry about that, it just seems like every item I find at the moment is far more suited to the Summer than it is to now.) I think it's a really lovely concept to be able to decorate your own bag and to fill it with your own pictures. It makes it very personal and creates a really nice bag which, perfectly suits you. It is quite expensive though at £25 so, I may look to see if you can get cheaper altenatives anywhere else but, I do really like the concept of it so knowing me I will probably eventually splash out on one if my funds haven't become too low. For now there is no more spending for me until the next payday though so we'll see if any of these items are still available or back in stock in a few weeks time. There are also other bags, wash bags and make-up cases etc. available on the website for a cheaper price if you also like the idea of having your own special photo bag.
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts x

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