Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes and Happy New Year.

Song of the week : Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love.
I am absoloutely, head over heels, in love with this song. I literally don't think I ever stopped listening to it yesterday, I must have pressed repeat 1000 times. The lyrics are just stunning and it is such a cute, lovely song. Ed sure knows how to write a good love song. I also love Fall at the moment too, it's very sweet. Are you a Ed Sheeran fan? I think you have to be.
Happy New Year to you all as well! I hope you had a great night last night and I hope you have a lovely new years day today, whatever state that may be in I hope you find a way to enjoy it. I plan to spend time with the family and play with my incredible little nephew Charlie and then have a yummy dinner for lunch so, other than that I think just a normal, lazy day for me which will be nice and as such hopefully I will have a bit of time to do some much needed blogging as I have been pretty terrible throughout December at posting anything but, the occassional Christmas song. Which reminds me, I hope you had an incredible Christmas, I miss it already. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Cheesy. Although, very truthfull. But, no in all seriousness I love it and it goes far too quickly for me but, I hope you enjoyed yours while it lasted.  I have a few recipes that I could post of meals I made a few weeks ago so I will probably post those today if I can. They are a little festive though so I hope you don't mind. I've got a Festive Vegetable Strudel recipe, a BBQ Roasted Vegetable Pizza recipe and some Chocolate Crunchy Cupcakes to post about. All very yummy.
Anyway, as today is new years day, do I have any new years resoloutions or plans? I haven't actually thought about it to be honest, I guess they're just the same as always so this year I'll try to get them done which is something I never manage. In a way I guess I'd kind of like to achieve more or accomplish more as odd as that sounds, not necessarily in terms of like academic achievement, I just want to look back at the end of next year, actually this year, and think wow how did I manage to do tall of that, that was a good year. I often find myself missing out on certain things because I'm not brave enough to give them a go. I've always been quite shy and nervous about things which, often stops me from trying new things and meeting new people which, I hate about myself. I wish I could be braver and not worry so much, I get it from my lovely, worrying mum and I know I'll never be able to get rid of my nervous nature or my shyness but, I just want to have less fear I guess and to be braver and to just get out and do things even if I am nervous. That is again my plan for this year, be more outgoing. And I will actually be thrown into the deep end with that come September when I head off to University as I will be surrounded by new things and new people but, it's just something I have to do to grow up and I'm sure I'll love it when I get their. I have to admit I'm a bit more excited about going this year which is good as last year I was terrified which, makes me think my gap year was a good idea. Finally.
Other things I'd like to do. Lose weight. That's always near to the top of the list. I don't think I'm fat, I have so many people telling me off and telling me I'm not fat and that I'm being stupid but, it isn't that I think I'm fat, I would just like to lose a bit of weight for myself so hopefully I can do that. Get a nice bikini body for the Summer. I'm not going to stress about it though. I'd also like to get my nose pierced and to dye my hair purple. I love Kelly Osbourne's hair at the moment, it looks amazing and so does she. She's lost a lot of weight and she looks great and she also dresses amazing at the moment.

 I'd love to do my hair like hers although, being a Sainsbury's worker currently I'm not sure how well they'd react to lilac hair or a nose piercing come to think of that. Even if I am a night shift worker who is locked in the store for 9 hours of the night and is only let loose on the customers for for 1 hour in the morning I don't think they'd be too forgiving. Afterall, I did almost get fired when I first started for not wearing my name badge for that one hour where 3 customers wander in. I am only working until this summer though as I will then be jetting off on holiday (or in my case driving for endless hours in a cramped car as my Dad loves a challenge) and then heading up to Uni so I might try the purple hair out then. Who knows, Italian guys might love purple hair although, on a holiday with your parents I'm not sure what use that would be.
I would very much like to find romance in the year of 2013 too please, as would every single girl I would imagine. I watched both Serendipity and The Vow yesterday which, are so cute and lovely but, it makes you so sad to think that those guys either don't exist or it will take you more than a lifetime to find them. I still believe that one day I will find the fairy tale romance though, I haven't lost hope just yet. Suso the beautiful Spanish footballer who plays for Liverpool FC would be just great :P but, to be honest I would be happy with any sweet, lovely, funny guy. A scouser, spaniard or irishman would just be a huge bonus.
Also, this year I am determined to finally get a tattoo. I love tattoos and I have wanted one for ever. I haven't been holding off because I'm scared which, is surprising for me. Infact, I'm actually more nervous about the nose piercing, it's just something about stabbing and punching through your nose which, screams agony to me although, I don't think it's quite like that. I had to fight back the tears when my ears were pierced after my mum and sister told me they didn't feel a thing. Maybe I'm just a huge wuss which, makes a tattoo a great idea. I'm not actually too nervous about it at the moment though, I know when that needle touches my skin though I will wonder why I would ever possibly want to put myself through so much pain but, for now I'm not too bad. I've just been holding off because I want to make sure I get the right thing, I don't want to have it inked on my body and then regret it instantly or even 30 years down the line if I can help it. The tattoo I have always wanted and will probably eventually settle on is a compass. I love compass tattoos. And for me a compass would symbolise direction and finding my direction and my way through life. Finding the right path but, never forgetting your way home when you need it or where you come from. Without sounding cheesy ofcourse :P. Also, I think a compass would look really vintage and classy too.
Finally, I would like to blog alot more and perhaps find a way to make my blog look more professional. Mine still looks a bit poor but, I'm no whizz with technology and still have no real idea how to use blogger. I have a huge wardrobe crammed full of clothes, granted only a third of them get worn, if that but, I'm sure I can squeeze out a good few outfit posts. Already, looking back at the ones I've posted I cringe and think why did I wear that? And that's only two months ago. My style changes all the time, I'm dressing quite simply at the moment and in a lot of black. At the moment, I seem to get up everyday and pull on a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans and then one of my beloved Topshop geek t-shirts, yes I have two. I love them though. That's all I wear at the moment, I think I should be a bit more adventurous again. I'm also trying to be a bit more girly again and pop on some cute dresses with my brogues which I quite like at the moment. I'll always love vintage style. Other than that just lots of baking and recipe posts I think are needed and I really need to get writing the story I started months ago again as I now have a functioning laptop again. I love writing and sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have gone down the English route for studying but, I do love my food and cooking and I'm only 18 so you never know in the future. Still, I would like to post some of my story on here eventually aswell.
Another plan I'd like to start working on is to somehow become a minor celebrity, god knows how with my very few talents but, if that is possible that would be great, purely so I can appear on Strictly Come Dancing within the next few years.
Well that was far longer than I had planned, I guess that's December's posts all stored up and crammed into one.
Again a very Happy New Year and I hope you have a lovely day and an amazing year!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Courts

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