Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesday Tunes.

Song of the Week: The Maine- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Today, I am feeling a bit under the weather :(. I woke up feeling really poorly this morning and I don't think this glum Cornish rain is helping me very much. I've mainly spent my day so far just watching telly and looking at recipes on the internet and I just decided to do a Tuesday Tunes as well as I haven't done one in a while. I really loved Mayday Parade's cover of Jason Derulo's In My Head on the Punk Goes Pop albums which, got me flicking through some of the other songs on the albums to see if their were some other amazing covers and I happened to come across this one. I am a huge fan of the original ofcourse; Cyndi Lauper is amazing and Girls Just Wanna Have fun is such a classic and everybody loves it. I love the up-tempo, cheerful, catchy nature of Cyndi's original but, there's something about The Maine's version which, I really, really love. It's sort of haunting and very deep, meaningful and powerful. I love the rocky, heavy vibe they add to the song and the leader singer of The Maine; John O'Callaghan has the most gorgeous voice which, you can really hear in this song too. I think it's an amazing cover and I really hope you enjoy it too!
Thankyou for listening!
Love Courts x

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